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How to bring a Japanese car (right hand drive) and use it in the US

Hi there!

I trust a group wisdom of all cartalk listeners.I inherited Honda Stepwagon in Japan and want to bring it tothe US for use for another 4-5 years. Any ideas.?

buy a US postal MAIL TRUCK.

prob solved. and alot cheaper.

good luck

I would think that US emission and safety equipment requirements will nix the importing and registering the stepwagon in the States.
Have you contacted Honda Corp. re: this ?

It has to meet US safety and emissions standards. That’s it. It doesn’t matter if it is RHD or LHD. You need to contact the US government, not Honda. It may be possible to bring it in and use it, but not for 5 years. And you could never (ever) sell it here if it doesn’t meet US safety and pollution requirements. may be able to help with advice as well as with the export/import service. The linked pdf file below has their contact information on the last page.