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Look out for that plow!

I was driving to Denver International Airport in the middle of a blizzard. As I approached the end of the exit spur, I saw that there was a plow ahead in the left lane and that cars were - carefully - merging right to pass the plow. As I neared the plow, I saw an SUV racing up the left lane and realized that either the driver had not seen the plow in time or thought to cut in front of me at the last minute to avoid the plow. I took my foot off the gas to avoid skidding. The driver of the SUV did indeed cut in, causing the SUV to begin fishtailing. I watched in horror at the swerving vehicle and waited for the inevitable crash. Instead, the SUV finally skidded off into the median. Thank God for my driver ed teacher, who required all students to learn to drive in snow.

That’s good advise living in an area where annual snow fall is significant. And, it’s nice to see other people that are aware of what is going on around them as they drive. Very good defensive driving skills.

If you want to see the absolute opposite, visit us down here in Atlanta during our very infrequent snow or ice storms. People here loose their minds.