How much would this paint job be?

Welcome to The Community! I won’t be mean. I’ll stick with the paint job question and let your mom handle the other stuff. I’m an old guy, but unlike some old guys, I eat right, get enough fiber in my diet, plenty of exercise, and don’t yell “Get off my lawn!” :wink:

Drive the car (if still allowed) or have your mom drive it to a couple of local body/collision repair shops. (You can call ahead to be sure the estimate is free and to find out if a certain time works best for them.) Explain what happened with the collision damage and “repair attempt damage” (they should find it amusing).

Most will give you a free estimate or at least a close “ball-park” dollar amount. They’ll ask if it will be covered by insurance. You’ll need to discuss that with Mom (perhaps after you get estimates) to discover what type of coverage she has.

Until you gather the information, a proper decision won’t be possible.

To make the door match the rest of the car, the body shop will likely sand the paint off the whole door anyway, so your attempted repair should made no difference. The blend the paint to make it match then put clear coat on it. That’s like painting it twice. I’d goes about $1000 without body work.

Thank you great answer