How much value would a tow hitch add?



How much value would a tow hitch that’s never been used add to a used Subaru Outback 6 cylinder?


It would only cost you a couple hundred to have one installed. But if you are not doing any towing it would add zero value. The value is to the buyer not the seller.


When I look at a vehicle with a tow hitch, I ask myself what were they towing with it? And was the vehicle properly maintained under towing conditions? So depending on this, it could actually reduce value.



It was never used. Not a single wear mark or scratch on it. I thought the same thing, but no worry here.


ZERO. It probably reduces the value of the vehicle, because potential buyers wonder what was towed, and how heavy the load was.

If I were looking at such a vehicle, and it had a tow hitch, I’d walk away.


Appreciate the advice, I would think the same, but again, the car was NEVER used for towing. Anyone looking at the tow hitch could see that. And the car has a sterling maintenance record from day one.


Since it hasn’t been used, I’d say it likely adds no value to the average buyer. However, if a potential buyer needed a vehicle with a tow hitch, it might be worth maybe $100, but no more.


In regards to accessories they add close to zero to the value of the car. It’s no different than comparing 2 identical cars with one of them having an AM/FM radio and the other an AM/FM/CD. They’re worth the same.

The only time things like this mean something is if one is comparing a stripper car against one decked out with a number of bells and whistles. The decked out one will bring on average a few hundred more than the stripper.
(If you look at some of those car guides you may see things like “add 100 dollars for this”, “add 125 dollars” for that", etc. That is not real world at all and those items referred to do not increase the value of the car by that much.)


Ahh but the one with the CD will be easier to sell. For that reason it is worth more to the dealer because it will be gone off of the lot far quicker. It is probably also worth more to the buyer too, but the amount is not the actual cost of the CD player versus a standard AM/FM.

I sold three cars this week.


Congratulations. Are you a dealer or do you buy and then flip cars on the side?


And what were the cars?

I’d think small, fuel efficient cars would be selling well. Large pickups and SUVs, not so well. But then I’m just guessing. I used to be a car salesperson. I’m glad I’m not anymore.


If it is a hitch with a square hole, it will hold a bicycle carrier or ski rack. In that case you can explain to the buyer you did not get around to buying the rack. Show him a catalogue with hitch mounted racks.

Most people would not constemplate towing a trailer with a Subaru Outback,unless it is a small Walmart type to haul some bulky items.

You will not get extra money for it, but if it was a used hitch you may have diffciulty selling the vehicle.