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How much to repair at body shop?

Lots of money!! $$

Don’t ask us, go get a free estimate (or 3) from a body shop. Anything we post here is mostly a guess since we can’t see inside the truck or under the car.

All I wanna hear is lots of money lol, I got the vehicle from a buy here pay here so I’m hoping to get out of it!

You bought it like THAT? Why? Or you wrecked it after you signed on the dotted line? Either way, you are likely locked into a bad financial deal for you.

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Noooo haha… I’ve had it for 2 years, still owe 4k on it and someone just hit me 3 days ago. Cars only worth 2800. I have gap insurance so if they total it I’m out of it!

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This sounds like an unusual financial strategy. If there is $3,500 in damage, the insurance company totals the car and you are without a vehicle.

If you live with the damage, pay off the loan, you get to keep the car. On the other hand with the $4000 dollars needed to pay off the loan you could buy a different car with the same dent.

This persons insurance adjuster said if it is totaled I am responsible for getting rid of it or I can keep the vehicle. So it could be a win/win situation for me. Just hoping for around 2200 in damages

I hope you realize that if you get rid of it you’ll still owe on the loan. You need to factor that into your decision.

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If they total it then they come to a agreed upon value of the car with the dealership and pay them, maybe the dealership gets that car back to im not sure. The remaining balance i owe on the loan would be covered by the gap insurance i purchased. Clearing me of the loan

Nope. If the insurance totals it and pays out, they own it. The balance between what they pay out and your loan balance will still be yours to pay off. The insurance company is not going to negotiate anything with the dealer.

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There are two insurance companies, one for the body damage and a second one for the loan, GAP insurance. The pay out for the body damage will go to the loan/dealer.

What I’m saying is the GAP insurance covers me on the remaining balance of the car loan if it is totaled. Whatever they value the car at before the accident is paid to the dealer and GAP covers the rest.

It ain’t that simple. It depends on the liability clause in the gap insurance. Without one, buyers could decide they didn’t like the car (or the payments), total the car, and walk away.

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Ok gotcha, well hopefully with someone else hitting me and them being at fault allows me to walk away(if totaled). We’ll see how it goes, otherwise im just paying down the loan with the insurance money

$3,300 is my S.W.A.G. if done by a real pro to be perfect. You may get lucky and find a local person who can do that for about $2700. I’m not an expert, just an unfortunate car crasher with some experience.


I think even making any guess about the repair cost is foolish. We can’t see hidden damage, don’t know where it is going to be repaired or the insurance companies involved.

@gorehamj You should know that.

It should unless you live in a “no fault” state.
A “no fault” state is one where the insurance lobbies have gotten laws passed that systematically screw accident victims by absolving the callous from responsibility for their actions in order to enhance insurance company profits.

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you could just have the dent hammered out enough so the taillight assembly fits in, put in a new taillight assembly, possibly fix the gas filler door (or remove it).

That assumes there is no other damage than what is in the photo. That has to be checked.

The real issue here is buying a car from a loan shark, not the damage. I know everyone has different circumstances from time to time but these folks are crooks in my view, and allowing yourself to do business with them is playing with fire. Banks and credit unions are legitimate businesses for car loans. OK, end of lecture but I just hate to see people taken advantage of this way.