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How much power steering fluid

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona Mini van and am in the process of changing out my power steering fluid. I was wondering if anyone knew how much fluid is in the power steering system? I used a turkey baster and removed almost all from the PSF container and refiled and it took about half a quart. My plan is to drive it a while and do it again. Just wondering how much total fluid might be in the system.

Well, pat yourself on back. Good effort. 1/2 qt. I sucked 2 oz out of my reservoir. Than I disconnected return line and 1 oz came out. I guess some brands make it hard to flush out system. My fluid looks funky. It’s a ford. Supposed to use dex/merc 3. Which is red. Generic ps fuid is clear.

I went with the clear PS fluid, which I think will help in knowing when I have the entire system flushed since the fluid I removed was red in color and my guess was trans fluid. Dealership and smart folks here said good PSF would be okay and so far since the trade out it has operated just fine.