How many thermostats does a 2003 Nissan X-Trail have?

does nissan x trail have 2 themostarts

Do you mean Xterra, not X-Trail? Which engine?

The 2003 X-Trail was never sold in the U.S. It’s a small crossover sort of thing that’s based on the Sentra of the same vintage. Has the same 2.0L I4 and 2.5L I4 engines gas engines you might find in a Sentra from 2003 as well. They also had a 2.2. turbodiesel as well. The current Nissan Rogue and the current X-Trail are the same vehicle, but in 2003, it didn’t have a direct American counterpart.

OK. Well, if it does have two thermostats, it would be the first engine I’ve heard of that has two. So my educated guess is that it has one thermostat.

perhaps you mean temperature sensors?

My Jeep Compass has two thermostats, both mounted in a big composite manifold that bolts directly onto the engine with at least one radiator hose and both heater hoses connected to it. I believe the second thermostat is a lower temperature one that doesn’t allow coolant to circulate to the heater until there is at least SOME heat in the engine. All about heating the engine up quickly for emissions I guess.

Edit: restrict flow to the heater, not the heads… I think the whole getup is on the side of the head.

The Nissan 2.5L engine used in the Altama and Sentra SER vehicles does have two thermostats. One is a 180 degree and the other is a 195 degree. The thermostats are two different sizes too so they cannot be interchanged. IIRC the 195 is the smaller one and located in the block and the 180 is normal sized and in the head.

Edit: I guess I didn’t IIRC. Thanks @insightful.

Well, I learn something new every day. The two thermostats must regulate independent water circuits, right? So the head operates at a different temperature than the block?

Yep, two T-stats (21230 and 21200):

Actually I just discovered an iPhone typo that I missed. Damn, I thought I caught them all. I believe the second thermostat in my Jeep’s case is to restrict flow to the heater until there is some heat…