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2002 Nissan Xterra - Cuts Out

I have a 2002 Nisan Xtrail, it cuts out randomly. and will not start unless you put it in neutral and turn off the ignition, count to 5 then it will start. very dangerous about time Nisan recalled this problem. I went to Nisan Ferntree gully, they changed the crankshaft sensor Cost $400+ then said the timing chain needs replacing $4000+ LOL

When it “cuts out” do the dash warning lights go on?

Is it an Xterra or an Xtrail? If in fact an X trail, yes the crankshaft sensor has been a known problem for over a decade. I suspect you are not the first owner of the vehicle, and it and the camshaft sensor should have been changed a number of years ago. If changing them its best to do both, and if you can find a kit that was sold by Nissan for Altimas and Sentras that contains two of the redesigned sensors (the cam and crank sensors are the same part), and that Nissan dealers sold at a much lower price, in fact almost half the price they would sell one sensor for. Its not worth buying no name unknown provenance eBay ones as there have been many reports of them not working properly on Nissan Forums. The sensors are the same for the 2.0 and the 2.5 QR engines.
A recall might have been nice but lets not forget your X is 17 years old
It is rare for the timing chain to stretch to the point of replacement, however it can happen if oil changes have been neglected… There is also a possibility that the upper timing chain tensioner needs replacing. You can research how to check it, but whatever you do get a second opinion regarding the timing chain. The quote is too high, and you could find a replacement engine and have it installed for substantially less.
I only know of one person who had their timing chain replaced, that was at 408,000 kms, and the cost was roughly $1500 cdn including the timing chain kit. Good luck getting yours back on the road

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That symptom doesn’t sound like a crank sensor problem to me. Crank sensors can fail as the engine heats up, but they won’t start working again in 5 seconds. It can take hours for the engine to cool before they start working again. That symptom sounds more like a fuel pump, fuel pump relay , or (less likely) ignition module problem.

I had the crankshaft sensor go bad on my X trail , and it cut out at an intersection about 4-5 years ago on a particularly warm day. Fortunately I was able to pull over and check engine light came on. I was able to start it up a minute or so later. Drove fine for the rest of the day, but I was not going to have a repeat or have my wife stranded or worse, so I had the crank sensor change the next day.
The old style ones Nissan used had a plastic body shaped like a domino that over time would develop micro cracks and cause it to fail. The new ones have a conical metal cap. I have read a fair bit about the issue on different forums, and the original poster should change his asap, as its on the way out and will fail completely requiring the vehicle to be towed. Of course if it cuts out while you are trying to merge onto a highway it could be life threatening.