How many starters must we replace

How to permanently fix our 2000 Chevy S10’s starter issues.

What are your starter issues, I have to guess you replace the starter, it starts for a bit then starts no more. Cables, solenoid if separate from the starter and battery condition and connections should be looked at before replacing another starter.

Find a mechanic that will trouble shoot and find what the real problem is, not just replace parts.

So how many starters and whodoneit?

The fact that a starter motor is inoperative does not necessarily mean the starter is bad. There are a number of things that can cause a starter to not operate.

You need to find out what is causing the starters to go bad (IF as OK pointed out they are bad and there’s not some other problem).

Back in the 70’s my brother owned a Volare’. Keep going through starters every 2-3 months. turned out to be a warped fly-wheel. Replaced fly-wheel put in a rebuilt starter…and NEVER had the problem again.

please define your problem. does the starter make no noise at all when you try to start? Does it make a click and no other noise? does it go wurra wurra wurra, but the engine does not turn over or start? Does it go rrrr rrrr rrr, and the engine turns over, but does not start? Just what happens when you turn on the ignition sw? and why do you think it is the starter?

The CAmry starts most of the time fine. BUt…once in a while it has the first “chink” sound and stops and then no sound . Nothing. THe key won’t turn anything over.Next time it happens I will have my son or someone tap the starter with a wrench while I engage the ignition again and see what happens i f it starts I believe i need to replace the starter. WHat do you think?

That sounds like a bad spot on the fly-wheel.

Mike’s suggestion is a good one. A broken tooth on the flywheel can cause the starter motor gear to get bound and disable it from doing anything else. Whacking the starter may be dislodging the gear on occasion.

Another possible cause is improper shimming of the starter on installation.