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How many censors in my toyota paseo, check engine light problem

I want to know how many censors does a transmission have for a toyota paseo 1996, because it give me this code # P01780 from the scanning machine. cause the check engine light keeps showing in my car and the transmissions fine. could the censors be the problem? any info/help would be greatly appreciated

What is the actual code? P01780 is not a valid OBD II code.
P0780 or P1780 would be valid transmission related codes. Is it really one of those?

from what i gathered that is the correct code it gave me. i might have to check it out again and see if it is the code but thats what it gave me i’m sure. unless the machines not right or something. if it happens to be either one of the codes given would there be any kind of info that can be givin regarding those codes?

Yea, check it again. You should have the “P” then a 4 digit number code.


Yes, the P1780 is easier to check out than the P0780.