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Check Engine Light (CEL)

1999 Acura Integra 73k miles

On Jul 28th Dealer did an inspection - no issues.

Most fluids are changed (didn’t check the AT fluid today)

Today, I drive from San Jose to Santa Cruz with A/C on and by the time I arrived there, I noticed the CEL is steadily on. I never had this issue on any of my cars. I did drove it back with the CEL on - runs fine for me.

It only pulled one code - the OBD II tried to pull another code, but no luck. It appears if it gives P0700, then it should give another code with it.

P0700: Transmission Control System (MIL request)

What’s happening?

The code is telling you that someone needs to scan the transmission. Maybe it sounds odd, but all the code says is that the transmission control detected a problem. So yes, there are probably more codes, but those are probably stored in a TCM (rather than the PCM). There are many codes that standard OBD readers won’t pick up (like transmission or body codes).

So your best bet is to take it to a local, independent transmission shop and have them scan it.

P0740 - Torque converter clutch malfunction

It maybe due to a earth connection - not sure how to check it?