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Check engine light-Dodge Intrepid

The Check engine light has been lit on a 96 Dodge intrepid. The codes were read at an autoparts store and this is what came up.

p1768 manufacturer controlled transmission

p1698 manufacturer controller auxillary inputs/outputs.

Can anyone help me decipher this?



Is there a driveability problem along with the CEL being lite? With the codes displayed, I would think the transmission might be only able to move in second and reverse. Is that the case?

Give us more information and we can help you more.

P1768 is defined as: Relay always off (relays are stuck open).
P1698 is defined as: No CCD (Comprehensive Component Data) message from the TCM (Transmission Control Module).
You can get troubleshooting charts from several online repair manuals, for a small fee…usually $20 to $25 dollars. You may be able to connect to at your public library, for FREE. Ask a librarian.

Here are more things P1768 could be. Check with a transmission shop. They may be able to help.
Here is a further explanation of P1698:
You could get under the vehicle and very closely examine the wiring. Unwrap the wire bundle to the transmission. Check for frayed, or cracked, or broken wires. This is only a possibity, not a fix.

There is no apparent drivability problem. The gas milage has diminshed some. I suspect the power to the PCM is being lost and it is often running on the default settings. The Intrepid Chilton manual suggest this for the 66 Code. This was found when the codes are checked using the MIL method.
So far the Transmission seems to work fine.

nbpt100 wanted help to decipher the DTCs P1768 and P1698. The site deciphers P1768 more specifically than the Chilton’s repair manual.