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How long will my 2008 Honda Odyssey survive?

I’m considering buying a used 2008 Honda Odyssey Ex-L with 178,000 miles. Given the high mileage and age, how much life does this vehicle have until it dies or needs expensive repairs?

I will give an answer when I recharge my Crystal Ball . :wink: Seriously , there is no answer to this question but if you spend about 100 to 125 dollars at a mechanic the odds will be on your side.

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Impossible to tell

Might be zero weeks, might be 50 weeks.

It depends greatly on how the previous owners have maintained the van. Get it inspected by your mechanic BEFORE you buy it. No one on the internet can be as accurate as a knowledgeable person with their hands on the van. Good Luck!

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Yep, get the vehicle inspected first.

Don’t expect any vehicle to last forever without any sort of repairs. Cars will last as long as you are willing to keep it alive. Engines and transmissions can last a long time if they are maintained properly. If either of these two go south, you are better off just buying another car.

The rest will wear out over time. Water pumps, drive belts, different sensors in the car, plastic parts, rubber hoses, motor mounts, suspension parts etc will eventually need to be replaced because of exposure to heat, aging etc.

Also… look for body rust and the condition of the paint. If there is rust in the body or frame, it will continue to spread.

If the car has clear coat failure it will also keep spreading, just like rust. Eventually you will have to get the repainted which is not cheap. Clear coat failure is sometimes difficult to spot.

In the end, it’s not a new car. Something can break out of nowhere even after inspection.

Probably none, that’s why it’s being sold.

You don’t say!

You don’t say whether or not the vehicle was operated in the “rust belt” (Think: salt on roads in winter).

If it was, for a good part of 178,000 miles, it won’t last.

The 2018 Consumer Reports car issue (April) doesn’t go back before 2010 in its used car ratings, but the 2010, which is the same generation as the 2008, is rated average reliability overall. Paint/trim and Body Hardware are the only 2 below-average systems.

My BIL has one of about that vintage. It desperately needs new headlights, but has been reliable. He’s about to trade it in on a new one.

My 1999 Honda Civic is running great at 180,000 miles but some under-paint rust bubbles are forming near the rear wheel well. I am reluctantly thinking about what to get to replace it, both for dependability and better safety, but it is the best car I’ve ever had. I have taken excellent care of it, and know it well. But I would not have that feeling about any car I looked at with 180,000 miles on it.