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How long can I park my car without staring it?

Hello - I am going to a vacation for 3 weeks. It’s exciting, however, I heard it’s not good to park my car without staring it for 3 weeks…

My car is Acura Integra 2001, and I live around Boston. It would be great if someone can tell me whether I can just leave it in my parking slot and leave for 3 weeks… If not, what’s your suggestion?

Thank you very much in advance!

Should be no problem.

Thanks for your reply Texases! So you don’t think the battery is gonna be dead or things like that after 3 weeks?

If you have a good battery, 3 weeks should be fine. 3 months even might be fine.

They sit on car lots a lot longer than that…

The battery was changed at the beginning of 2008. I haven’t gotten any problem of it since. So even I don’t take any action, the car should be started no problem after 3 weeks when I’m back, right? Or is there anything I can do to prevent the possibility of running out battery?

Thanks for your reply, Caddyman. Sounds like I can just go and enjoy my vacation. :slight_smile:

Until you get into months, it generally isn’t a problem for a battery.

Until you get into years, it generally isn’t a problem for everything else.

Your battery should be your only concern in 3 weeks. Make sure your tires are pumped up for lowest temps. I would disconnect the ground, but most agree not necessary. Take a long drive to charge battery before park it. Cold weather is actually good storage condition for lead acid provided it’s not being discharged while your gone, your only concern.

Just make double sure you don’t leave any interior lights on, all the doors are closed tight, the glove box is closed, and the trunk is closed. That should mean all your interior and courtesy lights are turned off.

If you have AAA you have a back up if the battery is run down. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, go and have fun. If you were leaving your car in the airport parking lot I’d suggest you have a rechargeable jumper box in the trunk and that it had a full charge when you left town.

Thanks for all your response! I really appreciate your helpful inputs! :slight_smile: