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How exact?

I need some help. A while ago, I bought a 2007 Toyota Prius. They guys at the dealer said that the tank had to have twelve liters in it, accurate to the zeptoliter. How on earth am I going to get something like that? And what is a zeptoliter anyway?

You’re kidding? Right?


if your post is a seriously asked question then either you’re being yanked around by the dealership people or those people are on some illegal drug.
either one is a good reason to avoid these clowns.

A zeptoliter is 1/1000000000000000000000th of a liter. You will need this pipette to accurately measure it out:

Happy Motoring!

I suspect that the OP is just commenting on the gullibility of prius buyers.

I think that I would attempt to return that vehicle, as I would not want a car that requires that precise amount of gas in the tank at all times, lest some type of doom results.

If that advice was given by a car salesman, then you need to immediately disregard it as most of them can barely tie their shoes without assistance.

If it was uttered by someone from the service department, then I would call Toyota corporate and ask them why they are selling a car that requires the driver to stop for gas every 30 miles or so in order to maintain that exact level of gas in the tank. (Stopping that often for gas would not be terribly convenient, and would sort of offset the mileage advantage of the Prius–wouldn’t you say??)

By the way, did the rocket scientist who gave this advice tell you what would happen to the car if the tank did not have this precise amount of gas in it at all times? Please post back if he provided this information, as we all need a good laugh at the expense of this idiot at the dealership.

buy American - they use gallons, and will still run with only a gallon in the tank

10,9,8,… and we have lift off.

Good one. Why have the other Prius owners been left in the dark. Imagine driving millions of miles without this info?

a liter is approximately a quart. 12 liters is approximately 12 quarts. 12 quarts is 3 gallons. (although Math was never my strong suit.)

a prious only holds 3 gallons?

and why would the car require exactly this much gas? any other prious owners know?

I would rather buy a Japanese car than oil from countries where the armys goosestep in parades and the crowds chant “death to America”.

To maintain this exact volume in the primary tank, there would have to be a secondary tank to feed the primary.
WARNING: Never let the secondary fuel tank run dry, else, there will be dire consequences.

PS: Look in dictionary under BS (sense 2, the verbal kind).

Do they still goosestep in canada?

you may be about the oil - but letting Japan buy the USA out from under us was not a good move either -I suppose your Japanese car doesn’t use middle eastern oil ?

Which tank? I would like to inform some of the readers that he did not say gas tank; just tank.

If it is economy you want get a diesel.

I understand that Prius is a fashon statement, but you can get 55MPG on a Diesel car of same size all the time. Just dont run it out of fuel. Adding the complication of a battery and an electric motor somehow just seems to be a good propaganda excercise.

The place where hybrid technology will really shine is if it is used to replace the conventional transmission in heavy vehicles. Freight liner has just announced a new diesel hybrid delivery truck that has the same capacity but 30% less idling time. Not to mention the noise and smoke.

oh, i get it… the battery tank. silly me, not knowing!

It must have something to do with the flux capacitor.

I have a 2007 Prius which I bought in Dec 06. The salesman I had was quite knowledgeable about all aspects of the Toyota Prius having been selling them for several years. He never mentioned anything about a minimum amount in the tank, let alone, a “zeptoliter” (which is a term I’m still laughing over as I type this). I think you’ve either had bad advice given to you or better yet, someone at the dealership had a few drinks prior to giving you this info.