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Filling Prius gas tank

Re:2009 Prius gas tank, capacity 11.4 gal.

Manual says when last dot is brinking, 2 gal. remain. When filling, pump shuts off at 7 gal. Only way to get 2 more gal. in is to pull nozzle almost out. Dealer says it’s the bladder. No fix. Should I believe?


Whatever it is in the gas tank that tells the gas pump to turn off

If the car is having bladder problems, I’m not sure if you should be consulting a mechanic or a Urologist.

Prius gas tanks have a bladder inside.
I have heard of them failing.

That’s not what the bladder is for. It’s emissions related, but if it shrinks or gets stiff, it results in reduced gas tank capacity.

Does your Prius often seem like it needs to leak, only to find that the actual leakage is minimal?

It could be the result of an enlarged prostate mechanism.


I couldn’t help it…

Have you been in the habit of topping off the tank?

And the temporary fix is a foley catheter.

Only 2 years old… any warranty left?

the prius design of the gas tank is notoriously poor. & the gauge is commonly known as the ‘gas guess’.
the dealers do not know how to fix it, and the corporation denies it’s a problem. BUT the 2010s don’t have the bladder, huh?!
How do I know this, terrible problems with fueling and the gas gauge, the gas pump will often just shut off repeatedly when I’m trying to fill it. I have to try to estimate how much gas it will take and try , try try to put close to that much in. I give up because my hand gets sore, I pump so slowly to get it started- all to no avail. I can’t even get it on a notch. Go after the dealer and do not desist! document every problem at the time, and bring your paperwork to the dealer. Good luck!