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How does my car sound? (audio)

Does my engine sound fine on my 2000 corolla that has 52k miles? This was taken while it was parked for 2 minutes after a 20 mile trip…does it sound like it has having valve clatter or timing chain problems?

Check and adjust the valve lash

After you do that, report back, please

Wait, so it sounds like it’s having valve lash?

Cause the car has been running fine with no issues.

I would leave it alone. It does not sound like a timing chain problem. The valve lash may be a little loose, but loose is not a big problem, tight is a big problem. You have direct actuated valves so adjusting the lash is very expensive and by the sound of your engine, not justified.

An engine can run fine with excessively loose lash or even tight lash (tight up to a point) but the problem with the former is determining how loose.

Excessively loose over time can damage cam lobes, cam followers, etc when it starts beating the hardened metal surfaces to death.
That particular problem can also be goaded along with infrequent oil changes.

I wouldn’t be concerned about loose valves. They make noise. It’s the valves that aren’t making noise that are the concern. Valves that are too tight don’t make noise and may not be closing completely causing the valve to burn. I think I would be tempted to invest in a valve adjustment.

I will modify my recommendation, it might be worth getting the valve lash checked, that shouldn’t cost too much and if one or two are really way out, then pay for an adjustment. If they are within say -.02 to +.03 of spec, I’d not be inclined to pay for the adjustment.