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How do you jump a relay

I have a 2001 PT Cruiser ( The Evel One ) that I would like to jump the high speed fan relay in to see if the fan is working on both speeds. Any ideas on how to do that once the relay is out?

Look at the relay. There should be a diagram showing where the primary voltage is applied to the coil to open/close the contacts with numbers, and where the secondary voltage passes thru the contacts with numbers. You want to jump the relay socket where the secondary voltage is applied thru the contacts.


so i just need to use one jumper wire in the socket from the primary voltage in to the the socket that would be closed if the relay was working?

No. You want to plug a jumper into the relay socket between where the secondary voltage passes thru the contacts in the relay.


One easy thing you can check is look to see if the wiring to the relay has a couple of larger wires running to the socket. They will normally be the switched connection to the load and you would place the jumper between those wires. The smaller wires are for the relay coil operation.