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Electrical issues, relay fail hours after installation

I been having some electrical issues over the years, they seemed unrelated at first, but I don’t know anymore. Two relays that are placed next to each other both failed (AC clutch compressor and low beam headlights). I got brand new relay installed for the low beam, it worked for a few hours, but then failed. Additionally, they are extremely hard to pull out, which I understand is not normal; or is it?

I can’t find useful information online, no one goes beyond the point of replacing the relay…

The wiring looks fine, though I didn’t remove the fuse box or looked inside it too much.

Is it possible voltages are spiking? Where should I look for that? Alternator? Voltage regulator?

What side of the relays is failing?

Primary or secondary side?


Thanks for answering,

On the one hand, I can’t hear the relay click (though it’s so small, not sure how loud it could actually be). Using a multimeter though, there’s low resistance for the primary side, around 84. I can try to energize the primary and then test the secondary with the multimeter, though I don’t have equipment to do that right now.