How do I tell if the fuel pump is going out?

I tried searching in this forum and the old one, but didn’t really find any good answers so here goes:

How do I tell if the fuel pump is going out on me? I took my car ['97 T-bird with 115,000 miles] for a repair job last fall, turns out that it was the ECU causing it to start badly. They also told me that the fuel pump is failing and would probably be gone by the end of summer. One ECU and about 15,000 miles later in the middle of July it still works/runs fine-I’m taking it in to another shop today to have the suspension looked at. I don’t have any problems with it starting or running that I can tell, and since being told that the fuel pump was going I figured out and other people have confirmed with me that the first shop doesn’t always know what they’re talking about. Should I have them test the fuel pump while it’s there? And how would I know if it’s about to die and leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere or in a bad neighborhood?

I’d say don’t worry about it unless you have some other fuel-related problem.

Listen to it, pressure test it and volume test it.

It might have been a good idea to ask him why he suspected the pump was going. Since you had it in being diagnosed for an operating problem he might have done a pressure test. That combined with lots of noise may have led him to suspect the pump’s days were numbered.

At this point I presonally would just drive it until it dies. Chances are that you’ll start to haev operational problem like poor acceleration or starting before it finally dies, so it probably won’t strand you.

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