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How do I reset emissions 2000 Galant

Was told to drive 150-250 miles 4 things will not reset Catalyst,Evaporative system,O2 senor and EGR system have put at least 800 miles on car still won’t reset anyone have any ideas

Disconnect your battery for 30 seconds and start over.

I don’t get it, you have made the required repairs haven’t you? What was the repair? How did you diagnosis the problem? did you just go by the code?

Have your car scanned for pending codes. Your monitors will not set if the system detects a possible fault. Make sure you keep your gas tank between 1/4 and 3/4 full, as these conditions are a must for the evap to set. Depending on your state, you may not need all of the monitors set, although most require either the evap or catalyst to set.

One thing else to check is the ‘always hot’ fuse. This fuse supplies battery voltage to the Power Control Module memory. If this voltage is missing the PCM operates correctly but as soon as you shut off the engine the memory is lost and you start over again on the monitors the next start.

Another trick is to leave a scan tool that displays the monitor status continually plugged into the Diagnostic Test Connector. While you are driving, have someone watch the monitor status to see which set and which don’t. At least that will steer you toward what driving schedules might be required.

See if you can find the specific driving plan to set the monitors. The dealer may have them or they might be available from a web site.

Hope this helps.

The monitors for the systems you list each requires a specific drive cycle for them to go into the readiness state. This problem is usually caused when the battery is disconnected without a back-up power supply. At this point, the best thing to do is go to your local library, and there you can use one of their computers to log onto ALLDATA web site for free. This site will provide the drive cycles to reset each of the system monitors. But you must follow these drive cycles to a tee. Otherwise, that Check Engine light will never go off.


the engine light was never on it failed inspection for a cracked tail light(replaced) took it back to same mechanic said the engine was on so he reset the computer and failed it again he had no code in the system so nothing needed repair said to drive it 150-250 miles to reset it