How do I open my hood with a broken hood latch?

I have a 1997 Ford Econoline conversion campervan that I don’t use very often. I need to open the hood to jump start the battery. Last time I opened the hood I did not notice anything wrong with the hood or the hood release latch inside the cab. Now when I pulled the hood release latch inside the cab, nothing happens to the hood at all (the hood does not open at all).

Is there a way I can open the hood or do I need to tow it to my mechanic? I’d appreciate any advice.

Pull on the hood release handle and note how far it moves. Next have someone push down on the hood and again pull the handle and note if it moves more than before. Hold it firm and have the person stop pushing on the hood. See if the hood will spring up slightly. If so, open the hood and WD40 or oil the hood mechanism and work the interior hood release several time to move it free. It worked for me long ago.

I have had a car or two that required a bit of percussive maintenance on the hood near the latch to get it to pop. give the hood a good whack or two just at the latch (open palm not clenched fist though).

The hood latches stick on both of my older cars (2000 and 1993). Pushing down on the hood a few times usually pops the hood loose. Or pull up on the hood to pop it loose. Afterwards, clean and lubricate the latch.

Ed B.

Is the release cable broken? If the release handle moves with little or no resistance, it is broken…If the release feels “normal” then the techniques described above should work…