How do I know airbags have been correctly repaired after accident?

I am considering buying a 2005 Subaru Outback from a dealership, it has everything I want for my family, great safety rating, etc. BUT they disclosed that the previous owners hit a deer, and spent $5500 repairing it. They said they wouldn’t have kept the vehicle on their value line with a warranty (3000 miles 3mos)if it hadn’t been ok. I know the vehicle could have front end problems, but the biggest issue is the airbags. how do I find out or can I , if they are back up to factory standards? I am in arbitration with the dealership and need to buy a vehicle from them.

Turn the ignition switch to the run position. Does the SRS light come on? Now start the engine. Does the SRS light turn off? If so, everything is working correctly.


I’d be leery of a vehicle that’s had a front end crash, even if it was repaired properly. Hopefully, you’ll never need to find out if they’re back up to spec or not.

If the SRS lamp does not illuminate it is ok.

See Testers post…

Subaru? Arbitration? You should have learned the first time…

Even if it passes the self test it is possible that they don’t go off, man made items,both the test circuit for the air bag or the air bag its self can fail. Moral of the story, drive like the bag won’t go off and be pleaseantly suprised when it does, OH yeah, wear your sealt belt, its somewhere near the first line of defense (but not all the way at the top)