2014 Subaru Outback - Trouble signs

Just got this car from a 3rd party, seems pretty well maintained looks practically brand new with ow mileage but one thing was when I start the car in the morning here in Northern California the airbag light and passenger seat belt light stays on warning me all the way to my destination till I shut the car off and restart again then it all goes away. I took the car in for the airbag recall thought that might solve the problem, nope still happening. Also a Red square i lights up on my control panel. I read its a warning light most likely for the airbag. I called the dealer see what they say- fingers crossed.

With all due respect… did you see these warning lights on before buying the car? Did you have it inspected before making the deal?

I fear you may have discovered why the car was sold.

Yes we inspected the car best we could since we are not official mechanics but pretty well verse on cars, meaning we don’t go running to a mechanic for every little thing. We’ve done major work on our other cars like transmission change to replacing a whole new engine block. Also not our first round at buying used cars in this way. Seller told us that morning he started the car the airbag light was on but went away when we got there to test drive so he said maybe nothing. Turns out something due to the recall.

Anyway, waiting for the service shop from dealership to call maybe they have more of a solution.

Had a very similar problem with my 14 OB. Took a bit of time for the dealer to diagnose. It was a sensor under the passenger seat. It was expensive to replace.


With all due respect, something that’s “maybe nothing” is rarely nothing. Same with something that’s “probably an easy fix.” I learned that buying guitar amps on CraigsList. @gmallan55_149168 probably has the right idea as to what’s wrong. It might be cheaper to find a seat at a junkyard.

Thank you this is helpful, I will let them know.

Yes most definitely something. Recall its on all the Subaru’s of this year. Now Dealer is suppose to have fixed.

The air bag recall and the warning light may or may not be related. I hope they are because you might be on the hook for a substantial bill otherwise.

Yes, my worry. Fingers crossed-

Three common causes for airbag problems. First, as mentioned above, sensors in the seat area that detect when someone is sitting in the seat; second, the flexible wire harness inside the steering column (called the clock-spring); and third, computer has detected that something is wrong with one of the airbags.