How do I fix rusted frame on a 2008 Chevrolet Uplander?

Rusted out frame under the pass/ driver side, what repairs done to fix

what repairs done to fix

I assume you mean ( What is involved to repair a rusted frame ? ) It will take a body shop to actually look at it and make a recommendation as to cost and feasibility.

Your Chevy Uplander is uni-body minivan.

When those sections of the so-called frame have rusted out, the vehicle is sold for parts.

Because the vehicle isn’t safe to drive.



I agree.
However, if you can post some good photos it’d help define the damage to us here on the internet.

If you live in the Rust Belt I’m sure the damage may be worse than you think. Cars from this region often suffer rust so badly that it’s not economically feasible to fix them.