1999 Mercury Villager - Frame repair question

can a mercury villager frame be repaired

anything can be repaired or replaced with enough time or money. but with that old of a vehicle its not worth it. why sink money into it when your going to have more things that are going to keep going wrong with it. sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. just my opinion.

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This can’t be answered over the web . It has to be seen in person by a good independent auto body shop .

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All frame rust can be fixed. All frame rust repair is expensive. Most frame rust repair is not worth the cost to do the repair. It certainly will cost more than a 22 year old Villager is worth.

Who said anything about rust? Maybe the vehicle was involved in an accident. Even a collision repair on a 22-year old minivan is probably too expensive, unless the accident was really minor, and the van has low miles, and was in excellent condition prior to the accident. If the problem is rust, forget about it. Rust is not repairable on this type of vehicle.


Again, +1.
But, that requires an explanation for the OP. This vehicle (the twin of the Nissan Quest) has unitized construction, which means that it does not have a frame, per se, and instead relies on a very strong belly pan which is welded to various vertical bulkheads in order to support the vehicle.

Collision damage to a vehicle with unitized construction can be repaired by a good body shop, which will–literally–stretch the unibody back into shape. However, if there is significant rust damage to the undercarriage of this vehicle, that cannot be repaired and it is only a matter of time until the vehicle is unsafe to drive.

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