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Finding Past Blue Book Values?

I am trying to figure out if I can find out what my car’s Blue Book value was in 2005. It’s a 1993 Subaru Impreza in good condition. I can find out it’s current value, but I need to figure out what it was worth in 2005. Any help would be appreciated.

Depreciation is less over time. Your '93 was 12 years old in 2005. It is now 17 years old. The other variable is mileage which you are not giving any info about at all. I’d guess you lost another 15 to 20% in the last 5 years.

Best start would be to see if your library has KBB editions in their collection, if not ask them to search for an interloan library that does.

Thanks, I’ll look into finding older blue books. Anyone out there have a 2005 Blue Book and can look up the value of a '93 Subaru Impreza, AWD, sedan, good condition, about 120,000 miles on it at the time. Also had a CD player installed, and electric windows. Don’t think there were any other bells and whistles.

Just curious, why?
If BB val is $3000 now, reasonable guess of $3500 then, +/-200 or so.

Basing a vehicle value on condition may not be entirely accurate either because the majority of opinions on their personal cars are usually subjective rather than objective.

A determination of excellent condition may mean good, good may mean fair, fair may mean junk.
The BB value can be looked at 2 different ways but the real value of the car would be what a dealer would probably wholesale a 12 year old car for.

If you wanted to go through the BB thing you might look at the current value and subtract a few hundred per year. When it comes to value, the bells and whistles don’t make much difference except as a lump.
In other words, a stripped car may be worth a few hundred less than a fully decked out one.
If you see value guides that say “add 200 for this”, “add 100 for that”, etc. then that’s pretty much bunk.

I got the car from my parents, and have been slow to pay them, I’m embarrassed to admit. I want to pay them what it was worth when I got it from them in 2005. I think we can reasonably come to an agreement that it was worth its current BB plus about $500. Haven’t been able to find old Blue Books in my area to confirm this.

Thanks. I’ll work backward from its current value, and maybe add $50 for the CD player my father installed. The car was definitely in good condition when I got it from them, had been parked in the garage and barely driven for several years, but I appreciate your comments on the subjectivity of people’s judgments on these things!

Another approach would simply be to take the value of 1993+5yrs= 1998 Impreza and go from there. Remember use that mileage when you got it not current mileage.