How do I find out if my car is involved in this recall?

The recall includes 1997-2003 Buick Regal and Pontiac Grand Prix, the 1998-1999 Chevrolet Lumina and Oldsmobile Intrigue; the 1998-2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo; and the 2000-2003 Chevrolet Impala equipped with the naturally-aspirated (without a supercharger) 3.8-liter V6.

Last December I purchased used from a local dealer a 2003 Impala LS. I know this is going to sound stupid, but my basic car knowledge is not good, How can I or where can I look to see if my Impala is the one that is naturally-aspirated 3.8-liter V6.

Go to this site;

Type in your vehicle VIN number. The VIN is on the dashboard on the driver’s side. You can see it through the windshield OR its on your insurance card.

I Too Have A Vehicle Involved In That Recall. I’m Not So Sure It Has Been Officially Announced, Yet. You May Have To Sit Tight For A Few Weeks.

A dealer can help you when the recall is official.

Also, GM should get your info from your state DMV and notify you concerning the recall.

How’s that 03 Impala? I think that era of Chevy Impalas with the 3800 engine are great. Any problems with it?

Outside of basic milage type needed repairs like tie rod and stuff it runs great. It’s a comfortable car and gets decent gas milage.

Well this isn’t good…

NHTSA Recall Number: opens new window takes away from VIN lookup section> 15V701 Recall Date: October 21, 2015
Manufacturer Recall Number: N150757
General Motors has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in certain of the following vehicles equipped with a 3.8L V6 engine (Regular Production Option L26, L32, L36 or L67): 1997 – 2004 model year (MY) Buick Regal, 2000 – 2004 MY Chevrolet Impala, 1998 – 1999 MY Chevrolet Lumina, 1998 – 2004 MY Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1998 – 1999 MY Oldsmobile Intrigue, and 1997 – 2004 MY Pontiac Grand Prix. Certain of these vehicles have a condition in which drops of engine oil may be deposited on the exhaust manifold through hard braking. This condition could cause an engine compartment fire. Certain of these vehicles produced before June 26, 2003 were subject to General Motors’ prior safety recalls 08V-118 (07035), 09V-116 (09047) and 15V-201 (14574). In some cases, the remedy procedure performed on these vehicles pursuant to the prior recalls may not be sufficient to prevent subsequent engine compartment fires relating to this condition in the affected vehicles. Vehicles previously repaired under the referenced recalls will receive further repairs as part of this recall.
If drops of engine oil are deposited on a hot exhaust manifold, an engine compartment fire could occur.
The remedy for this recall is not yet determined. GM will provide this information as soon as it is available.
RECALL STATUS: Recall INCOMPLETE. Remedy not yet available
Visit manufacturer website at for more information.

“milage type needed repairs like tie rod”

A damaged tie rod is a serious problem and should be fixed ASAP. I’d not drive faster that 20 MPH in the meanwhile.

The easiest way to find out is to walk into a dealership and go to service. They will tell you whether there is a recall or not when you give them all the relevant info on your car. What they usually cannot tell you when the fix will be but they will take your number down and call you when it happens.

GM Is Still Finalizing A Fix. They Have Tried Replacing Spark Plug Wire Clips To Try And Eliminate Combustibles In Engine Compartment, But I’m Afraid The New Fix Is Going To Be Expensive For Them.

I’d bet they will replace valve cover gasket(s), this time around.

It won’t be long until they announce.


Oh I got them fixed, what I ment was the work needing to be done was nothing out of line for a car with the milage it had on it when fixed.

Enjoy The Impala.
We Bought Ours Used, 8 Years Ago, When It Was 6 Years Old With Over 100,000 Miles On It. It Has Kept 2 Teen Drivers Safe And Is Still Going Strong At Nearly A Quarter Million Miles!

It gets great MPG, it’s comfortable, good sound system, and ours has the fold-down rear seat that allowed my kids to put full-size mountain bikes in the trunk!

The car has been totally reliable.


While I guess a fire could occur from oil dripping on the exhaust manifold, it’s my experience that it’s mostly smoke and odor. But get it fixed, sure. Me, I wouldn’t be very concerned in the mean time…

I didn’t even know about it till a story on my local news last night, will have to get buy dealership in the coming weeks to see how they are dealing with it, seems right now they don’t know how to.

“While I guess a fire could occur from oil dripping on the exhaust manifold, it’s my experience that it’s mostly smoke and odor. But get it fixed, sure. Me, I wouldn’t be very concerned in the mean time…”

I have read that in instances where there have been flames, the flames are small and burn themselves out without issue.


Yeah I agree with Texases, etc. Sure get it fixed but in the meantime can’t believe its a major safety hazard. I’ve had two cars recalled for fuel line or oil line issues (Olds and Acura) that could cause a fire and in both cases it was no big thing and a rare situation.

The "we know there’s a problem but don’t know how to fix it " thing seems to be more common these days. Still its a good thing that the problem is acknowledged and the customer is kept informed of the status.

Well, I own a 1999 Monte with the 3.8 V6. Great engine. I have a pile of recall postcards from GM for the earlier recall. I do most of the work on my car myself. I’ve already removed that plastic piece and secured the spark plug wires in a different way. And I’ve cinched down the valve cover bolts over the years, I’m not too worried.

I’ve owned this car since new, it has 213,000 miles on it. I’m going to keep driving it!