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How do I adjust my headlights, like how to angle the beam of the headlight after installation?

Hello! I just bought a pair of new headlight housings (the actual plastic housing that holds the headlight bulbs) for my 2000 Mercury Sable. This car is essentially a Ford Taurus with a different badge and different lights, if that makes it any easier for you. I installed the new headlight housings, but when I turned the lights on in front of my garage, the left light shines very low (below the bumper) and the right light beam shines very high (way above the bumper). The angle of the beams is uneven. I tried adjusting the position of the lights, but they are fitting in the socket perfectly. Is there any way I can change the position of the bulbs or housings so I can get an even headlight beam and actually see at night?? Thank you Car Talk Community for any help you can provide!!

Examine the headlight mounts to find the adjusting screws, two for each unit. The screw may have a Philips head or it may require a torx screwdriver or even a small (4 mm) wrench. By turning the screws you can aim the headlights.

Your initial attempts will give you a crude result. For a more precise alignment, check this link:

First I would triple check that everything is installed correctly, bulbs included. Then go to @SteveF 's link.