Aim Headlights on 94 Escort Wagon?

I’m pulling my hair out (almost done)

Trying to adjust the aim of my headlights. they are a little low, and as I just spent the dough to put in Silverstar bulbs I’d like to be able to see farther ahead.

I can see no adjusters and even the Chilton manual was no help.


It appears from my limited research that your car has “lighting module”. Most modern vehicles do. The aim on most of these is built into the car’s design and cannot be adjusted by the consumer the way the old sealed beam headlights could.

‘lighting module’?

Stevee11, keep looking under and to one side of your headlamps, there should be at least 2 (two) adjustment screws for aiming.

One screw adjusts up and down while the other adjusts for left and right.
You may have trim around the light hiding the screws, I don’t know.

FWIW, my 2000 Olds Silhouette has such adjustment screws.

Have a look at the Haynes repair manual, I find it a bit more informative.

Lots of cars now have the molded polycarbonate lighting module that contains all the various bulbs with the 1/4 turn pull-out bulb sockets. In many the aim is fixed. If in this case that’s incorrect, then I stand corrected.

I concur that looking at the Haynes manual is a good idea.

Some cars had small adjusters that you could find with the hood open. You need a small socket for those. A service station can do this cheaply and they will help you avoid blinding the other drivers. You don’t want everybody high beaming you.

Autozone has a repair guide for your car. Here is a link to the headlight installation and aiming page

Ed B.

In a car this old you might want to aim the lights with the usual driver in the car.

The lamp is called a “composite headlamp” and there are adjusters on it. Most likely behind it or between the lamp and the radiator support or upper tie bar. Different cars and different years have different adjusters. Hex head, torq head, etc.