CV Joints 02 Mazda

My right CV boot is ripped and would like to replace it I do not know which is the better way to go to replace the ripped boot and joint with an aftermarket or to replace the whole rod front and back CV boot unit with a refurbished one

The problem with a torn CV-boot is, you don’t know how long it’s been torn. So there’s no way to determine how contaminated from debris the CV-joint got. So you could clean the CV-joint, repack it, and put the new boot on. But the CV-joint could fail shortly thereafter. The price of a CV-joint/boot kit costs just about as much as a remanufactured halfshaft.

I would replace the entire halfshaft.

And by the way, unless the CV-joint is making noise, I’d drive the car with the torn boot until the CV-joint did start making noise, and then replace the halfshaft.


thank you for your help, very much appreciated.