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How can I tell if my truck has a fuel feedback system? (cash for clunkers)

I have a 1986 Toyota Pickup, 22R engine/4 cyl/2.4 L, 5 speed manual transmission, regular gasoline, Xtracab.

On the Website one choice that qualifies for “cash for clunkers” is “Manual 5-spd, 4 cyl, 2.4 L, Regular Gasoline (FFS).” How do I tell if my truck has FFS (Fuel Feedback System)?

So far, three Toyota dealers have been unable to tell me after looking at my truck. Appreciate your help.

If it has a carburator, it’s a feed-back carburator. And it qualifies.


Doesn’t it also say it has to get less than 18 mpg? My '79 and '89 Toyota 2WD pickups were both rated well above that.