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86 Toyota

I recently aquired a 1986 toyota pickup with a 22 R motor. The mileage indicated is 112k. Its leaking antifreeze from the front that appears to be from the water pump. I have changed, wires, cap, rotor, fuel and air filters. The plugs appear to have good spark and look fine. It will start, but the idle fluctuates and is very rough. It will rev up and then almost die. I also discovered the bolt that holds the distributor in was loose. This unit has a 2bbl carb. Any hints would be great!

I had a 22R in my 85 Celica - great car, wished they kept making them.If you have gas into the carb, the next check would be the coil then igniter ( a new one for my car was $ 250 or more.I didn’t know they made them with carberators…Mike

If the water pump is leaking, replacing it is an easy task on this truck.

The carb has a sight glass on the front of the fuel bowl to check for proper fuel level. The proper level is in between the points, with fuel right near the middle of the glass. If it is higher or lower, you probably need to rebuilt the carb.

Also, you need a timing light to set the proper timing. Pull off the two vacuum lines to the timing advance motors and plug them. Then set base timing to 10 deg BTC.

2 BBL actually. I was surprised too that it was not fuel injected. Thanks for the feedback! Scott