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How can I prevent truck theft?

install a removable steering wheel. It’s hard to steal a car you cant drive- and who is gonna bring a steering wheel along with them?


haha :slight_smile:

let me tell a true story, happened to me…

back in 90s, I had my steering wheel “spokes” to break and I was left with it literally detached in my hands… so I had to drive for around 10 miles “steering” by the central pieces left, then found a farmer who had a welder and we “fixed it up” right there :slight_smile:

In 1970 the handlebar stem of my bicycle broke. I was pulling up at the time, so I straightened up quickly, handlebars in my hands in front of me, wondering what the &^*$ had happened, then I fell. Fortunately I wasn’t going fast.

Garage would be one of the best solution to prevent theft. A buddy of mine had a couple of things stolen and damaged on his Ram. I recently helped him install the new rack and steel force bed cover for kayak mount. It’s his third tonneau cover as other two were sliced. Since they moved to the house with a garage, he sleeps well at night.

It’s gonna be really hard when the place is infested with thieves and thugs and you don’t have a place for your truck, good luck with that my guy. How about your neighbors? Do they not notice that something is going at your area? I suggest you put a tracker on your truck, I suggest using the trackimo tracker.