Thievesteal eleven trucks from Denver dealership

Would there be an easy way to instalkill switches to discourage the criminals?

I would be very surprised if these vehicles didn’t have a lojack style tracking/shutdown system on them.

At the time I purchased my Corolla it had one installed that prevented cranking. It wasn’t the sort of switch you could turn on and off with a flick. A special device had to be inserted into its socket. I didn’t realize its existence at the time, not in any wiring diagram for the Corolla, and later it failed and caused me some “fails to crank” grief.

My girlfriend’s little car stopped cranking.
Luckily had MANual transmission. (Meaning me.)
Pushed her car and slowly lethe clutch out and started thengine.
Told her to try to park on downslopes until I was able to replace her starter motor solenoid.