How accurate is Carfax reports?

CarFax reports are a marketing tool used on uninformed people. If something shows up on a CarFax report, then it does have a high probability that it’s correct. As I said, the problem with a CarFax report is what’s NOT on the report. Dealers have contracts with CarFax. Dealers give CarFax their data and in return CarFax gives the dealers access to their reports. Many independent mechanics and bodyshops do NOT have this relationship with CarFax, so any repairs they do will never be reported to CarFax. CarFax also gets some of their data from states insurance bureau. But in many states that practice is not allowed.

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So the guy in Florida with his low mileage 2000 Corvette, all service done at the dealer and reported to Carfax.

Car gets flooded in a hurricane in Florida, only has liability insurance on it, The guy dries and cleans it up, gets it running, and takes it to Michigan to sell.

Seeing there is no insurance claim on it for the flood damage, the only thing Carfax knows is the service record at the dealer

The Carfax report makes it look like a great car, yep, they’re real reliable.


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MOST vehicle accidents will not show up on a Carfax report and, NOT all totaled or salvage vehicles will appear on a Carfax report. so you cant rely 100% on report

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The only value of Carfax to me is that I would eliminate cars that reported red flags. No red flags, then take a look, if interested get a PPI.


Yes, a high probability, but not an absolute assurance of accuracy.
IIRC, @ok4450’s Saab was listed as stolen on a Carfax report, even though it had never been stolen and was sitting in his driveway.

Those are extremely low. What makes CarFax reports so inaccurate are the accidents/repairs/maintenance that’s NOT on the report. That accounts for 99% of their inaccuracy.

Same with your medical history/record. Only as accurate/complete as the data entered. When medical records were all paper, a lot of information got lost.
Digital, again only as good as the information entered.

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Can you be sure the car was not stolen and recovered while the previous owner had the car?

You would have to ask that question of @ok4450. He was the one who owned the allegedly stolen Saab.