How a engine works

there are 4 strokes of a engine intake compression power and exhaust. and it needs 3 things to run air fuel spark.

intake stroke- sucks in air and fuel.

compression stroke- it compresses the fuel and air mixture.

power stroke- it ignites the fuel and air mixture.

exhaust stroke- takes the burnt air and fuel mixture out the exhaust pipe

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can you explain how all that stuff works

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You just explained how it works

It actually needs five components:

  1. fuel
  2. air
  3. compression
  4. spark
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I guess the simple explanation is that the crankshaft controls via the timing belt (or chain) the valvetrain, which based on the position of the crankshaft opens the appropriate valve to let the piston draw in the air. A sensor tells the computer where the piston is, and that is used to “time” the fuel squirt. The valves then close, the crankshaft continues turning, and the piston conpresses the fuel mix. A sensor then tells the engine to firs the sparkplug, and the 12VDC circuit in the cylinders coil is opened, allowing the magnetic field to collapse inducing a voltage spike in the coil core. That spike is sent to the sparkplug to fire it, and the explosion happens in the cylinder. The explosion pushes the pistin down, which turns the crank, which opens the exhaust valve, the crank continues turning, and it drives the camshaft which opens the exhaust valve. The piston then pushes the exhaust out the exhaust manifold and down the tailpipe.

so how does the fuel injection system work


yes how does it work

There exists in modern cars a solenoid operated spray valve called an injector. Behind that injector, gasoline is pressurized to perhaps 40 psi or more, depending on the vehicle. There’s one right before the intake valve on each cylinder. The computer takes signals from the throttle position sensor, the upstream oxygen senor, the mass airflow sensor, the manifold absolute pressure sensor, the crankshaft position sensor, and the temp sensor, and depending on these signals opens the valve via the solenoid just long enough to allow the right amount of fuel for the engine needs just when the valve is opening. The computer knows from these signals when to open the injector and for how long to do so.

The high pressure pushed through a small orafice provides a fine mist, which is the goal. The shape of the spray and the amount of fuel delivered (a function of the orafice size and the pressure) are controlled by the injector’s orafice.

Some new cars use “direct injection”, ahich works the same way but sprays the fuel directly into the cylinder rather than behind the intake valve.

One of the best places to find these kinds of answers is

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