Fuel Injection Problem

I have a 94 GMC Jimmy V6 4.3L votec. Crank Crank Crank and no fire. Put fuel into intake manifold, fires. brand new fuel injector. fuel to injectors. out of ideas

The computer is not signaling your injectors to spray. You need to find out why. Either you have a bad computer or there is a wiring issue between the computer and the injectors.

Might also be a bad Throttle Position Sensor. This senses the opening of the throttle and it signals the car’s computer to inject a corresponding amount of fuel into the engine to give the desired performance. If it isn’t working, you won’t get fuel to the injectors.

Just had a similar problem with another GM product. 91 Saturn. This system relied on the DIS module to tell computer when to fire injector. Fuse blown, coils still worked, but no crank sensor signal to ECM to fire injectors. Replaced fuse, and car fired right up. Runs fine, now.

If the sensor fails you simply go into a default mode-the car still runs it just doesn’t run well. Don’t forget your mass air sensor is measuring the volume of air entering the engine.