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Hotwire air conditioning on 1991 Corolla?

I’ve had two mechanics look at my AC problem in my 1991 Toyota Corolla. The consensus (but not 100% confirmed) is that the problem appears to be the AC amplifier. Replacing it with a junkyard AC amplifier did not work. Two mechanics offered to hot wire it to get it to work again, as all the parts check out okay. But another mechanic told me this will cause the car to catch on fire. A new AC amplifier is expensive, but would be worth it if guaranteed to work, but I have no guarantee. Having the car catch on fire is not a good solution. Pouring water over my head and clothing on long road trips (as I did on my last long car trip) is not very practical if I can’t be wet when I arrive at my destination. The AC was converted about 2-3 years ago and worked well for a few years, but only by adding a nipple, not by replacing parts. What should I do?

What are they ‘‘hot wiring’’ ? one of the low or high pressure switches ? The clutch ?
If hot wired, would the a/c cycle properly during operation ? ( you could cetainly not have it completly on compressing at all times, that’s not how a/c works )
Is so, have it hot wired through a toggle switch that you can turn completely off.

oh, something else I should mention. There is a cable/wire that is cut. Could so many mechanics have missed that THIS is the real reason the A/C doesn’t work? I’m trying to get someone to just repair the broken wire now as the cheapest possible repair to see if that works.

To answer your question Ken, I don’t know. With one mechanic there would be a toggle to turn it off, with the other, he doesn’t specify. I wonder how any of this affects the defroster as you are supposed to push the A/C button when the defroster/defogger is on. Thanks for the response.

Nope! Can’t bypass the AC amplifier

This is the component that desides if the compressor should explode or not. It actually measures compressor speed relative to engine speed. And if the amplifier as by-passed, and the compressor/engine goes over speed, guess what happens to your compressor?