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Water pump

My mechanical skills is not in auto air condition. I have a problem with the A/C in a 1999 Ford Escort. I can run a hotwire from the battery to the compressor and the A/C works, but without the help of the hotwire it doesn’t cool. How can I find the shortage in the wires so that it maybe fixed? Is there an easy way of doing this?

Why did you title this “water pump”?
You are bypassing the safety systems that prevent the AC from damaging itself.
It would be better to find and fix the real problem.

What does the heading ‘water pump’ have to do with the a/c ?

Possibly one of the two pressure switches that tell the compressor to cycle on or off.

Or a true low freon charge which would have the low pressure switch in the off position.
Or the on/off switch inside the car.
Or… ( or, or, or ! take it to an a/c tech ) look at the wires and plugs to see that they’re plugged in to the cycling switches then follow the harness to look for breaks in the wires.

Too many maybes for you.

I believe in taking all AC problems to an automotive AC specialist. They have the knowledge and equipment to correctly diagnose and repair your car’s AC system. You and I do not.

If the refrigerant is low and you hot wire the compressor you’re going to damage the compressor. This is bypassing a built-in safety feature.

There may not be a wiring problem at all. Take it to an expert.

Yhank you for your time