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Hot wire issue. 2002 vw jetta sedan 1.8T

A penny fell in the usb/charging port in the car instantly started smoking from behind the radio and through the vents and almost caught fire! Radio and charging port does not work. Tried changing fuses but didn’t work. Anyone know exactly what wire it could’ve fried and where I can find it at? Or where it runs to??!?

Universal Serial Bus starts smoking.


What could go wrong?


Isn’t this the same problem you had in Nov 2019 along with other problems with this vehicle .

This is a GLS 1.8 turbo, right? If so I don’t get any hits on the schematics using either “usb” or “charge” . There’s a 6 pin connector listed in the instrument panel section. If that’s that the one you are talking about — I think the usb connector configuration is 6 pins – there appear to be two fuses involved with that function, s234 (fuse 34 in fuse holder) and s243 (fuse 43 in fuse holder). Suggest to double check those fuses.

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