2017 Toyota Prius Prime - Charging from USB Acts Flakey

Is anybody else having trouble with the USB charger on the 2017 Prius Prime Advanced? The iPhone charges about half the time and the charging light on the phone flickers when I connect it to the USB port.

Toyota replaced the USB plug after saying they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. It still won’t charge properly.

When I plug my phone in to other charging devices, they work fine - but not when I plug the phone into my Toyota USB charger.

The usb charger may not be providing enough amps. A power point adapter might be worth a try. Had that problem with tablets.

Most USB complaints are caused by the customers failing cable, sometimes the USB connector in the vehicle is damaged and needs to be replaced but yours has already been replaced.

I use an adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter. That could be an option.

Have you tried a different cable yet?