While Charging my battery 98' Jeep Cherokee

While charging my battery the other day I turned a way from the Jeep for a moment and heard a pop. When I turned around I noticed smoke coming from the area that is behind the battery and in front of the exterior fuse box. I found, upon further investigation that the green cable that was plugged to the fuse appeared to melting and the insulation of the wire was seeping out. None to the fuse had been burned up and I could not figured what happened. I gently close the hood and decided to look at it later. This is Jeep is great condition and never driven so I can not imagine what the problem may be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No chance that you got the positive / negative terminals on the charger mixed up, is there? Or that the positive terminal was accidentally touching the body?

I started wondering about that yesterday. It is not my first time jumping a car but it is possible that i may had not just been paying attention. What kind of damage could this had caused?

The newer the car the bigger the problem, it tends to knock out the electronics.