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A good work car... one that won't breack down because it's too cold

A car that i can drive looking like a CEO but really only a empoyly. that i still can afford.

Please take off those mittens before you attempt to type a question . . .

Hyundai Azera(2006+), or it’s predecessor the XG350(2001-2005)

I had a instructror relate to me once that cold is just as hard on a car a heat. So if you get a car that “works when it is cold” you will be getting a bonus, a car that works when it is hot. Is your “cold parameter” someting in the extreme range (like -20F?) Any modern well maintained car will get you from point “A” to point “B” when cold. There is not a car of today that shows decreased reliability due to cold any more than another.Well perhaps some Chinese job that is sub-standard from the get-go.

yep…what he said. Im in -50 at times n toyota n jeep have never failed me. However i see all makes out there. its up 2 the operator 2 ensure all is good with your vehicle

his vehicle and further more im a true believer in TOYOTA.

I read that engineers look at -40F as the point where all bets are off in regards to if heavy equipment works in a predictable manner.

Im a little curious what they said about 110 above

FWIW, all automakers test their cars for cold weather. The real question is HOW cold are you talking? Most any maker is fine for something for the lower 48. For the tundra up in Alaska, I’d be a bit more picky. I know Ford used to have a standard that all their vehicles had to be able to put out room temperature air from their heaters within something like 5 minutes ANYWHERE… which meant that they were designed for meeting that standard in Prudhoe Bay in the dead of winter, so they could put out ludicrous amounts of heat in the lower 48 in winter.

As for looking like a CEO, take your pick. GQ picked the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO as their choice for this purpose. But not all CEOs drive fancy vehicles. I knew one at a multibillion dollar corp that used to drive an Escort while most of his lower employees drove much fancier cars.

Crown Vic or Mercury Marquis, simple and bulletproof.

Ed B.

Could you have been any more vague with your question?

First question - How much can you afford?

Second question - Do you need a 2 seater, or a 4 door sedan, or an 8 passenger SUV?

Third question - How cold is cold/Where do you live?