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Hot Wax Blobs

Today I was grabbed by a $4 carwash sign. Getting home I find blobs of wax stuck on various places. Am I good in assuming it’s inferior product and will just wear off?? If not, how can I remove without causing “issues” for the finish? Very annoying. Any help is appreciated.

Can you wipe them off? If it’s just wax it should come off. I don’t think I’d wait for them to wear off.

It may require some elbow grease, but they should wipe off. Or at least smear out enough that you won’t notice them. Do it now before the car gets dirty. Then you will be rubbing dirt into the finish.

Well, if it just wiped off, I wouldn’t be asking for help! I tried wiping, but the best I could do was smear it around. And now it’s a nice hard smear in one spot, with the blobs intact in others. It’s also snowing right now, so I’ll wait to apply some more elbow grease. Maybe warm water would loosen it up a little?

Maybe a liquid car wax would do the trick?

Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover should take this stuff off with ease. There are two varieties of this product. Get the one in the metal can, rather than the one in the plastic spray bottle, as it is stronger.

And, in the future, I would suggest that you avoid these spray waxes at the car wash. Besides the problem that you experienced, this spray wax naturally gets all over your windows. When you are driving in a heavy rain storm, your wipers will have a very difficult time providing a clear view through the windshield, due to the coating of spray wax on the glass.

Cold temperatures will harden the wax more. Apparently you don’t have access to a garage, where the temperature might be in the 50s during the day. Unless you livein Frostbite Falls - then you need to wait for spring. You might also consider another car wash. Take it back to the same place and demand a freebie for the inferior work on the last wash, or find another one that will do a good job the first time.