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Wet floor 2001 chevy impala

The floor on the rear passenger side is wet. I have noticed this for years when it rains. Recently it has turned into standing water(much worse). When I go around a curve you can hear the water slosh. How do I stop the water from getting in?

That sounds like you have a sun roof. If so I would look for a blocked drain. Sun roofs don’t “Seal” they just drain the water and they have a drain at each corner. The usual tool for a fix uses either a little compressed air or string trimmer line. Be careful with either as you can cause more problems if you are overly aggressive.

Another candidate would be a blocked drain in the door. An after market rust proofing could cause that problem, or not.

Does the rain get in when the car is parked or does it have to be moving? Can you see where the water is trickling in?

Another possibility is the rear window could be leaking too. Check around the inside lower pass. side corner of the window for signs of a leak.

Juanita, Quite Likely The Rear Passenger’s - Side Door Is Allowing Rain Water To Enter The Car And Accumulate On The Floor.

That’s not good to leave the floor wet for extended periods of time as corrosion, mildew, odor, etcetera, can result.

Next time it rains (or spray the door all over the outside with a hose), open the door and look for water and then with a tissue gently wipe or pat the botttom of that door’s interior “trim” panel (the vinyl covered panel with the armrest built into it) where it meets the door metal. See if it gets wet. Be careful to touch just the inside part because the door is designed to have rain water drain out its bottom edge and it will always be wet there after a rain.

Should you find that this is the source of the leak, the “repair” isn’t all that difficult. It requires removal of that door’s trim panel and either the resealing of the bottom of the plastic “water deflector” or replacement of the deflector with an improved version sold by Chevrolet if it’s damaged (I believe it’s part # 10313486.)

The bottom part of the water deflector is a critical part of managing rain water. If the bottom portion of the water deflector is not sealed to the door, water can enter the car at the bottom of the door instead of being diverted back inside the door to drain out the bottom.

When it’s fixed, using a powerful wet /dry vacuum cleaner (like at a DIY car wash), you’ll need to get as much water out of the floor as possible and let the car dry with the windows open for several nice, sunny days.

If you’re not sure how to tackle the trim panel removal, an auto body / collision shop or an auto repair shop should be able to give you an estimate for repairs. Get a couple. This shoudn’t be too expensive.

Check for the leak and come on back. Maybe we can “walk you through it” if you’d like to try it yourself at home.

Hope this helps.


P.S. Folks with access to Technical Service Bulletins can see GM TSB # 0-08-64-008, which covers this topic involving 2000 & 2001 Impalas.

Check to see if the belt moulding ( the rubber seal where the bottom of the glass with the window rolled up meets the door) is cracked.

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Maybe the question posting date should be in BOLD print right up top with Make, Model, Model-Year and Miles.