Hot engine won't restart

After a long drive in Arizona heat, my Hyundai Accent won’t restart after refueling! Never happened until last Sat., then Fri., then Sunday. Ck eng light, so Mechanic ck’d it, but no codes…Car is '07 with 125K

You refueled on each of those 3 occasions that the car failed to start? Apparently it has eventually started after each failure, how long was the wait? When the car did restart how did it run?

There isn’t a great deal of information on that car through my usual searches and my only experience with Accents were the earlier 200_ SOHC engine with bucket type cam follower/adjusters which need adjustment and if the clearance gets too tight the valves won’t fully seat and compression will drop and after a short shutdown the hot soak can prevent the engine from starting.

Which engine? How does it run prior to shutting it off when hot? How well does it idle after a prolonged highway drive?

If the check engine light is on, there is most definitely a fault code

Perhaps the code is a manufacturer-specific code, which the mechanic’s generic code reader can’t retrieve

Engine runs fine before restart, however, it only ran rough(like it was missing) Fri. It seems to lose a little power…would only go 70 while I had been driving 85 on Interstate.