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Hot car won't start

'92 Dynasty is a good runner, but, once the engine gets warmed up, I shut off the engine at my own risk. If the car sits for a while with the hood open, it will start again, but attempting to start immediately after shutting off will result in the engine spinning over but no sounds of attempted ignition. It seems that once the coil is cooled down to slightly more than body temp the engine will start like nothing was wrong. Any ideas out there?

Does it have spark? If not, you may just have a bad coil.

Well, since I have another coil, condition unknown, I will switch coils and see it that helps. Thanks.

It makes more sense to test the spark first, before replacing the coil. Easy enough for a mechanic to do. Best to keep the number of changes to a minimum until the issue is resolved. Your new coil may not only not be needed, but worse, may introduce a problem you currently don’t have, and make the current problem much more difficult to solve.