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I have a 2001 Olds Aurora and while I was putting “Sea Foam” into the gas tank (a stabilizer used for winter storage) the clear plastic hose (about 10" long and 1/2’ in diameter) from the funnel fell into the gas tank. Do I need someone to drop the tank and remove the hose?

No, I’d just forget about it. It will just lie there harmlessly, unless you decide it will decompose in the gas. I guess I’d gamble.

Where did you get the plastic hose and what was it being sold for?  Fuel line or a water fountain? 

BTW I don't recall Sea Foam being a stabilizer for fuel.  It has its uses, but I don't see the need for that use.  I would use a fuel stabilizer.

I had the same question as Joseph. If the hose was rated for gasoline it’ll just sit in the bottom of the tank causing lost sleep. If it was not, it might dissolve over time, but the PPM would be too tiny to worry about.

No. Your fuel intake has a fabric filter sock that will keep the plastic hose where it is, in the tank. It is possible that you and everyone else has foreign material in the tank that will stay there for the life of the vehicle.

Automotive section of Wal-Mart, it was part of a plastic funnel, which I assume was intended to used with various automotive liquids. Thanks to all everyone for the input.

Maybe get another piece of the hose…Put it in a clear glass jar of gasoline and watch it over time and see what it does. If its not going to decompose i would not worry about it…

Great idea, I will follow up.