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Hood Deflector, Rock Deflector for Hood - 2005 Camry

Can anyone help point me to a hod deflector/ hood bug deflector / hood rock deflector, for a 2005 camry. I know AVS makes one for Toyota Camry:

But I guess not for a 2002-2006 Camry. Nor was I able to find one from another manufacturer. Can someone please post a link to one for a 2005 Camry?


Dang they don’t ship to the United States, and I can’t find it from another vendor. Do you know of any others?

John, this is 15-years old car.

what is there to protect from what did not happen to it over 15 years?

I used to have such a “protector” on 2007 Subaru I used to have, it was Subaru OEM accessory, supposedly high quality

after few years, I did not like it anymore and the rubs on the hood (even with glue-on protector film suppolied) were such that removing it would be worse than keeping it on despite the bad weathered look

Lets see - 15 year old Camry - has some dash lights out - possibly needing new struts since the ones on there are original with 160000 miles and this person wants to put a bug deflector on it.
Perfect discussion for the class ( Spending your Money wisely ).